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[ odz ]


, (usually used with a plural verb)
  1. the probability that something is so, will occur, or is more likely to occur than something else:

    The odds are that it will rain today.

  2. the ratio of probability that something is so, will occur, or is more likely to occur than something else.
  3. this ratio used as the basis of a bet; the ratio by which the bet of one party to a wager exceeds that of the other, granted by one of two betting opponents to equalize the chances favoring one of them:

    The odds are two-to-one that it won't rain today.

  4. an equalizing allowance, as that given the weaker person or team in a contest; handicap.
  5. an advantage or degree of superiority on the side of two contending parties; a difference favoring one of two contestants.
  6. an amount or degree by which one thing is better or worse than another.


/ ɒdz /

plural noun

  1. foll byon or against the probability, expressed as a ratio, that a certain event will take place

    the odds against the outsider are a hundred to one

  2. the amount, expressed as a ratio, by which the wager of one better is greater than that of another

    he was offering odds of five to one

  3. the likelihood that a certain state of affairs will be found to be so

    the odds are that he is drunk

  4. the chances or likelihood of success in a certain undertaking

    their odds were very poor after it rained

  5. an equalizing allowance, esp one given to a weaker side in a contest
  6. the advantage that one contender is judged to have over another

    the odds are on my team

  7. a significant difference (esp in the phrase it makes no odds )
  8. at odds
    1. on bad terms
    2. appearing not to correspond or match

      the silvery hair was at odds with her youthful shape

  9. give odds or lay odds
    to offer a bet with favourable odds
  10. take odds
    to accept such a bet
  11. over the odds
    1. more than is expected, necessary, etc

      he got two pounds over the odds for this job

    2. unfair or excessive
  12. what's the odds? informal.
    what difference does it make?

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Word History and Origins

Origin of odds1

First recorded in 1490–1500; special use of odd
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Idioms and Phrases

  1. at odds, at variance; in disagreement:

    They were usually at odds over political issues.

  2. by all odds, in every respect; by far; undoubtedly: Also by long odds, by odds.

    She is by all odds the brightest child in the family.

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Example Sentences

For example, if you’re testing whether Hutcho Pills reduce your risk of stress fractures, an odds ratio of 1 would indicate that runners who took the pills were equally likely to get injured compared to runners who didn’t take the pills.

The last thing to address is a pair of oddities in the championship odds portion of the projections.

There is not one specific team that would benefit from the Clippers’ odds dropping, as several teams would simply gain 1 percentage point in the championship odds column.

No word on who will star, but given Moriarty’s strong connections to Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon, the odds list toward a decidedly A-list cast.

It’s interesting that for all the obsession over who was the killer and the online odds rankings and guessing and all that, the series ends on the theme of how a community deals with pain and grief.

The odds of getting re-arrested are a lot slimmer if a person has a job.

In 1972, Maine Sen. Edmund Muskie was the odds-on favorite to win the Democratic Presidential nomination.

But taking such action puts them at odds with the most powerful and best-organized segment of their coalition.

The rift put Washington at odds with countries like Brazil, Uruguay or Chile, which seemed to have come to terms with their past.

It had offered odds of 10-1 on the Queen abdicating during the Christmas message.

The cupidity of a man had evidently led him to collect together these odds and ends, and try to turn them to profitable account.

Meadows began to play inner planet combinations that occasionally paid, though at short odds.

We made a good fight I know, the odds were in our favour and success seemed assured.

A stronger man would have fought against odds like those and won for himself a place that would suffer no denial.

Thus it was that he himself created the morale which enabled him again and again to conquer against overwhelming odds.


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