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[ doun-sahyd ]


  1. the lower side or part.
  2. a downward trend, especially in stock prices.
  3. a discouraging or negative aspect.


  1. of or involving a decline, especially in stock prices:

    The downside risk on this stock is considered far greater than the potential for gain.


/ ˈdaʊnˌsaɪd /


  1. the disadvantageous aspect of a situation

    the downside of twentieth-century living

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Word History and Origins

Origin of downside1

First recorded in 1675–85; down 1 + side 1

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Example Sentences

The downside is that everybody knows this, and therefore, everyone’s already doing it.

If there’s a downside, it’s that the voters are vulnerable to groupthink.

The downside of a constant growth strategy, Hickel says, is that it inevitably pushes up against what scientists call “planetary boundaries.”

The only possible downside I can even think of is there aren’t enough trees.

A downside to this modular approach is that the links between modules can be far slower than the quantum operations going on inside them, even using optical links that run at the speed of light.

On the other hand, patients may not perceive much downside to taking the medications, even if they may not help much.

On the downside, it rewards them with fodder for nightmares.

The only downside for the Congressman was if their junket became public.

By the time he was called to Washington by the parent club, Marrero was already on the downside of a three-decade pitching career.

As I have found out, recognition has its upside, its downside and—you may say—its backside.

In the last week of the term the Colts played Downside, and Gordon was still young enough to play for them.

The Downside match is four weeks off, and till then we have to continue this silly farce twice a week.

She placed cups where plates should go, and turned things upside down and downside up.

Bird's-foot lotus, another Downside plant, lights up the stones put to represent rockwork with its yellow.

A year had passed since the two spinster ladies had taken possession of Downside.


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