/ dozd; dəʊzd /


  1. (of timber or rubber) rotten or decayed

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Word History and Origins

Origin of dozed1

C18: probably from doze

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Example Sentences

Rector was attending a Sunday night game between the Yankees and Red Sox when he dozed off.

My guess is he developed some irritation from flying and forgot to take his contact lenses out as he dozed off.

They watched us from a distance as we dozed on kilim rugs after lunch.

During his last press tour for the summer hit Now You See Me, Freeman famously dozed off during a TV interview.

I dozed off twice while watching Zero Hour and kept having to rewind to the beginning to this tepid and snooze-inducing pilot.

Over against the table, in a huge chair, dozed the priest who guarded the offerings.

Thus surrounded by the sights and sounds of old, a glad contentment in her heart, she soon dozed off into a deep sleep.

George ate some, but very little; however he drank a great jugful of water—then dozed and fell into a fine perspiration.

But if the girls or women dozed, he gently tickled their cheeks with the foxtail hanging at the other end of the same stick.

Erasmus yawned and dozed, or wrote letters to his friends making fun of these 'barbarous Scotists'.