drag hunt

Origin of drag hunt

First recorded in 1850–55

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How to use drag hunt in a sentence

  • Come on, Uncle Philip; we'll have a first-class drag-hunt before we unlock the schoolroom and let them out.

    The Younger Set | Robert W. Chambers
  • He had stopped at David's, and had heard that on Monday there was to be a drag-hunt and breakfast at the club.

    Mistress Anne | Temple Bailey
  • It tastes like the smell of a drag hunt, she said after a while.

    Bye-Ways | Robert Smythe Hichens
  • "If you'll come up to the nursery we'll have a drag-hunt for you," pleaded Drina.

    The Younger Set | Robert W. Chambers
  • If you want to, you may see her tomorrow, though, at the drag hunt of the club.

    The Social Gangster | Arthur B. Reeve

British Dictionary definitions for drag hunt

drag hunt

  1. a hunt in which hounds follow an artificial trail of scent

  2. a club that organizes such hunts

  1. to follow draghounds, esp on horseback, or cause (draghounds) to follow an artificial trail of scent

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