dragon tree

  1. a tall, treelike plant, Dracaena draco, of the Canary Islands, scarce in the wild but common in cultivation, yielding a variety of dragon's blood.

  2. any of several other plants of the genus Dracaena, as D. marginata, having long, sword-shaped, variously colored leaves, cultivated as ornamentals.

Origin of dragon tree

First recorded in 1605–15

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How to use dragon tree in a sentence

  • The dragon tree is the slowest of growth among vegetables; it seems also to be slowest in decay.

  • It is crowned, however, with a leaf like that of the palmetto; but the tufts of the dragon tree resemble the yucca in growth.

  • When dusk began to stir within the Dragon-tree, Mishcha awoke and came and looked at him.

    The Three Mulla-mulgars | Walter De La Mare
  • He crept softly down and along the water-side, under a black and enormous dragon-tree.

    The Three Mulla-mulgars | Walter De La Mare
  • Slade led Lennon's mount down where the snake holder had halted beside a sangre de dragon tree.

    Bloom of Cactus | Robert Ames Bennet

British Dictionary definitions for dragon tree

dragon tree

  1. a tree, Dracaena draco, of the Canary Islands, having clusters of sword-shaped leaves at the tips of its branches: family Agavaceae . It is a source of dragon's blood

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