dramatis personae

[ dram-uh-tis per-soh-nee, drah-muh- ]
/ ˈdræm ə tɪs pərˈsoʊ ni, ˈdrɑ mə- /
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(used with a plural verb) the characters in a play.
(used with a singular verb) a list of the characters preceding the text of a play.
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Origin of dramatis personae

1720–30; <Latin: characters of the play
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How to use dramatis personae in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for dramatis personae

dramatis personae
/ (ˈdrɑːmətɪs pəˈsəʊnaɪ) /

pl n (often functioning as singular)
the characters or a list of characters in a play or story
the main personalities in any situation or event

Word Origin for dramatis personae

C18: from New Latin
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Cultural definitions for dramatis personae

dramatis personae
[ (dram-uh-tis puhr-soh-nee, drah-muh-tis puhr-soh-neye) ]

A Latin expression for “cast of characters.” It means literally “the persons of the drama” and is occasionally used at the beginning of scripts for plays as the title of the list of characters.

notes for dramatis personae

In general, the “dramatis personae” are the participants in an event: “Winston Churchill, Roosevelt, and Joseph Stalin were the dramatis personae at the Yalta Conference.”
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