[ roh-zuh-velt, -vuhlt, rohz-velt, -vuhlt; spelling pronunciation roo-zuh-velt ]
/ ˈroʊ zəˌvɛlt, -vəlt, ˈroʊz vɛlt, -vəlt; spelling pronunciation ˈru zəˌvɛlt /
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(Anna) Eleanor, 1884–1962, U.S. diplomat, author, and lecturer (wife of Franklin Delano Roosevelt).
Edith Kermit Car·ow, [kar-oh] /ˈkær oʊ/ 1861–1948, U.S. First Lady 1901–09 (wife of Theodore Roosevelt).
Franklin Del·a·no [del-uh-noh], /ˈdɛl əˌnoʊ/, "FDR", 1882–1945, 32nd president of the U.S. 1933–45.
Theodore "Teddy"; "T.R.", 1858–1919, 26th president of the U.S. 1901–09: Nobel Peace Prize 1906.
Rio Roosevelt, a river flowing north from western Brazil to the Madeira River. About 400 miles (645 km) long.Formerly Rí·o da Du·vi·da [Portuguese ree-ooduh-doo-vee-duh]. /Portuguese ˈri ʊ də ˈdu vi də/.
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/ (ˈrəʊzəˌvɛlt) /

(Anna) Eleanor . 1884–1962, US writer, diplomat, and advocate of liberal causes: delegate to the United Nations (1945–52)
her husband, Franklin Delano (ˈdɛləˌnəʊ), known as FDR . 1882–1945, 32nd president of the US (1933–45); elected four times. He instituted major reforms (the New Deal) to counter the economic crisis of the 1930s and was a forceful leader during World War II
Theodore . 1858–1919, 26th president of the US (1901–09). A proponent of extending military power, he won for the US the right to build the Panama Canal (1903). He won the Nobel peace prize (1906), for mediating in the Russo-Japanese war
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