[ drang ]


, Newfoundland.
  1. a narrow lane or alleyway.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of drang1

Compare, in southwest England, drang, drong, with same sense; dialectal form of throng
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Example Sentences

Kathy took me on, and after a fair amount of sturm und drang—young writers do think every word is precious!

The man at the center of the sturm und drang was a spy in the offices of the German BND intelligence service.

Maybe all this Sturm und Drang will give birth to a new lime-lite generation of cocktails.

All the political sturm und drang around the jobs numbers is appropriate.

The hope among Tea Partiers is that all the sturm and drang surrounding the debates and primary this week will give people a lift.

At Guma and Drang an impure salt, fit for cattle, is extracted from shallow cuttings.

The crows regard them as fair game, hence their nest-building season is a time of sturm und drang.

There is a Sturm und Drang period in every man's life, depend upon it.

We find no humour, no Sturm und Drang, no inequalities and incoherences of passion.

It was one of his earliest works, Sturm und Drang , which gave its name to this literary epoch.