draperies (ˈdreɪpərɪz)

/ (dreɪps) /

pl nmainly US and Canadian
  1. curtains, esp ones of heavy fabric

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How to use drapes in a sentence

  • drapes of velvety synthetic, dyed the deep green that Martian colonists like, covered the walls.

    Fee of the Frontier | Horace Brown Fyfe
  • Black masking drapes were provided at both sides of the stage and behind the platform.

  • The room was small and dusky, with heavy Turkish drapes obscuring the dark hallway beyond.

    An Ounce of Cure | Alan Edward Nourse
  • Her own costly wedding veil drapes the dainty, lissome figure.

  • Josselin drapes himself in his English dignity—he sulks like Achilles and walks by himself.

    The Martian | George Du Maurier