[ blangk ]
/ blæŋk /

adjective, blank·er, blank·est.


verb (used with object)

Idioms for blank

    draw a blank,
    1. to fail in an attempt; be unsuccessful: We've drawn a blank in the investigation.
    2. to fail to comprehend or be unable to recollect: He asked me their phone number and I drew a blank.

Origin of blank

1300–50; Middle English (noun and adj.) < Anglo-French, French blanc (adj.) < Germanic; compare Old English blanca white horse, Old High German blanch bright, white


1–4 See empty.
8 dumfounded, confused, astounded.
9 pure, simple, unadulterated; perfect, absolute, unqualified.
11 void, vacancy, emptiness; gap, lacuna, hiatus.


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British Dictionary definitions for draw a blank

/ (blæŋk) /



verb (tr)

Derived forms of blank

blankly, adverbblankness, noun

Word Origin for blank

C15: from Old French blanc white, of Germanic origin; related to Old English blanca a white horse
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Idioms and Phrases with draw a blank (1 of 2)

draw a blank

Fail to find or remember something, as in He looks familiar but I've drawn a blank on his name. This expression alludes to drawing a lottery ticket with nothing on it (so one cannot win a prize). [Early 1800s]

Idioms and Phrases with draw a blank (2 of 2)


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