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/ drɔːz /

plural noun

  1. a legged undergarment for either sex, worn below the waist Also calledunderdrawers

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Example Sentences

The question is, do we need, or are we ready for, super high-end designer drawers for dudes?

Cheap stationery found at writing desks and office drawers around the world has been used for love letters to the city.

She showed me a set of drawers, revealing a meticulously kept filing system of all her jokes.

The heat makes beads of sweat run down your armpits and traverse your hips before dampening your drawers.

Many other pages had been lost entirely, left in desk drawers of abandoned jobs and buildings.

I used to have two or three drawers full of drawings and account-books that were brought from the works.

In one of ole Miss's bureau drawers was a large plain linen handkerchief which was never used.

Ethel ran after her sister, and pulling out drawers without knowing what she sought, begged to hear how papa and Margaret were.

Mrs. McAllister looked the garage over, and observed the newly labeled drawers.

Every chest of drawers, and wardrobe, and closet in the house was ransacked, to find bed-quilts and blankets for the army.





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