[ dreer ]
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Origin of drear

First recorded in 1620–30; back formation from dreary

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How to use drear in a sentence

  • Twas still but gray abroad––a drear dawn: promising a belated, sullen day.

  • The streets were “deserted and drear,” and, of course, unlighted—the late Confederacy had no gas and no oil.

  • I seem suddenly lifted out of a drear monotony of unchanging days, back to a life of extraordinary vitality and promise.

    The Wasted Generation | Owen Johnson
  • Even then—in that tense moment, the drear anguish of yesterday surged like a wave through my mind; but, upon it a gleam of hope.

    A Frontier Mystery | Bertram Mitford
  • Captain Cavendish, expressing his gratitude once more, lounged into the drear and foggy night.

    A Changed Heart | May Agnes Fleming