or drek

[ drek ]
/ drɛk /

noun Slang.

excrement; dung.
worthless trash; junk.

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Origin of dreck

1920–25; < Yiddish drek; cognate with German Dreck filth; compare Old English threax, Old Norse threkkr excrement

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/ (drɛk) /


slang, mainly US rubbish; trash
Derived Formsdrecky, adjective

Word Origin for dreck

from Yiddish drek filth, dregs

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Word Origin and History for dreck



"filth, trash," 1922, from Yiddish drek (German dreck), from Middle High German drec, from Proto-Germanic *threkka (cf. Old English þreax "rubbish," Old Frisian threkk), perhaps connected to Greek skatos "dung," Latin stercus "excrement," from PIE root *(s)ker- "to cut" (see shear (v.)).

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