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/ drɛɡz /

plural noun

  1. solid particles that tend to settle at the bottom of some liquids, such as wine or coffee
  2. residue or remains
  3. slang.
    a despicable person

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Word History and Origins

Origin of dregs1

C14 dreg, from Old Norse dregg; compare Icelandic dreggjar dregs, Latin fracēs oil dregs

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Example Sentences

All the good stuff—the Oscar bait—comes out in November or December; the dregs are reserved for January and February.

They are not interested in the dregs from my stash of clothes.

Having drunk the Clinton Global Initiative to the dregs, a hopey-changey hangover ensues.

The fish dies and is brought back to life—along with grandpa—with the dregs of a bag of chips.

The royal family, imprisoned in the Tuileries, were each day drinking of the cup of humiliation to its lowest dregs.

Did this little man really know as much as he pretended, or was he merely fumbling around in the dregs of a forgotten past?

They come into power flushed with success, and are themselves the very dregs of radicalism.

My kinsman did not observe the loss, but, once more throwing back his head, drained the remainder to the dregs.

This same bitter cup is filled for your own lips, and you must drink it to the dregs.





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