[drez-duh n; German dreys-duh n]


  1. a state in E central Germany. 6561 sq. mi. (16,990 sq. km). Capital: Dresden.
  2. a former state of the Weimar Republic in E central Germany. 5788 sq. mi. (14,990 sq. km). Capital: Dresden.
  3. a medieval division of N Germany with varying boundaries: extended at its height from the Rhine to E of the Elbe.
German Sachsen;French Saxe.
Related formsSax·o·ni·an [sak-soh-nee-uh n] /sækˈsoʊ ni ən/, noun, adjectiveSax·on·ic [sak-son-ik] /sækˈsɒn ɪk/, adjective
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  1. an industrial city in SE Germany, the capital of Saxony on the River Elbe: it was severely damaged in the Seven Years' War (1760); the baroque city was almost totally destroyed in World War II by Allied bombing (1945). Pop: 483 632 (2003 est)
  1. relating to, designating, or made of Dresden china


  1. a fine 3-ply yarn used for knitting and weaving
  2. a fine woollen fabric used for coats, etc

Word Origin for saxony

C19: named after Saxony, where it was produced


  1. a state in E Germany, formerly part of East Germany. Pop: 4 321 000 (2003 est)
  2. a former duchy and electorate in SE and central Germany, whose territory changed greatly over the centuries
  3. (in the early Middle Ages) any territory inhabited or ruled by Saxons
German name: SachsenFrench name: Saxe
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City in eastern Germany on the Elbe River.


Dresden was a leading center of German music, art, and architecture for three centuries, until it was severely damaged by Allied bombing in World War II.
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