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[ dres-uhp ]


  1. being an occasion, situation, etc., for which one must be somewhat formally well-dressed:

    the first dress-up dance of the season.


  1. Informal. Usually dress-ups.
    1. a person's best clothes:

      Wear your dress-ups for the reception.

    2. accessories or other added features:

      a car with custom dress-ups.

dress up


  1. to attire (oneself or another) in one's best clothes
  2. to put fancy dress, disguise, etc, on (oneself or another), as in children's games

    let's dress up as ghosts!

  3. tr to improve the appearance or impression of

    it's no good trying to dress up the facts

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Word History and Origins

Origin of dress-up1

First recorded in 1665–75; noun, adj. use of verb phrase dress up

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Example Sentences

I jokingly asked him how he got the award: “Did you dress up like Lady Gaga in Damascus?”

Why not dress up conservatism with more compassionate rhetoric rather than green eyeshades?

She occasionally has to dress up as a mermaid for her gig at a fancy Miami hotel.

People dress up and pretend to be other people, and you can either make millions of dollars, or no money.

Real nerds can even dress up in character costume for their archery lesson for a cost of £25 per person.

Your parasol takes one hand; hold your dress up a little with the other.

Then he studied it over and said, couldn't I put on some of them old things and dress up like a girl?

Want to dress up, an' flour your hair, an' put on spe'tacles, an' come an' play with us old folks?

Thus men, when they wish to be priests or judges, dress up like women.

And 'tis specially lovely for me, 'cause I can stay up to dinner, and dress up, and everything.


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