drill down

  1. (intr, adverb) to look at or examine something in depth: to drill down through financial data

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How to use drill down in a sentence

  • Notice that you need not drill down the whole depth of the connector, because the bottom part is not burned to the post.

  • While he awaited deliverance he found himself irked and, to while away the time, set his drill down haphazard and began to bore.

  • They could use the publicity, too—someone to go and drill down on which clinics are legit and which ones are clip-joints.

    Makers | Cory Doctorow
  • Some weeks before the boys had formed a bucket brigade, as it is termed, and they had the drill down to perfection.

    The Putnam Hall Rivals | Arthur M. Winfield
  • drill down to it, melt it with heat, and it was water again, ready to be pumped and put to use.

    Asteroid of Fear | Raymond Zinke Gallun