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[ dring-kuh-buhl ]


  1. suitable for drinking. drinking.

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Other Words From

  • drinka·bili·ty drinka·ble·ness noun
  • drinka·bly adverb
  • non·drinka·ble adjective
  • un·drinka·ble adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of drinkable1

First recorded in 1605–15; drink + -able

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Example Sentences

The fabricator also cooks fish and extracts drinkable water from them.

For Rasmussen, the strongest motivation is not drinkable, smokable or shootable — it’s not tangible.

For 4 million households in the state, the consequence of the February freeze was life without power, and for many, without drinkable water.

One new site in Midland, Texas, was briefly closed to new arrivals after the state warned that its water wasn’t drinkable.

City officials recently updated their projections about the Pure Water project, which will recycle sewage and turn it into drinkable water, to show that the city will eventually get half of its drinking water from the effort.

It's a bright, drinkable IPA made with dry American hops giving the nose hints of mango and passion fruit.

Clean, drinkable water was already scarce and is likely to remain so for a time.

Altman had hosted a dinner for Paul and other members of the cast and had served a very cheap wine that was barely drinkable.

She had a speciality for making coffee, and really it was quite drinkable.

It became an instant necessity to use every heating appliance at command and start the distillation of a drinkable fluid.

You must know that a negative when it leaves the camera is no more fit for display than milk fresh from the cow is drinkable.

New wine and beer become ripe and drinkable in small skins much more readily than in large casks.

There was only one place in Salonika where they served tea that an Englishman would consider drinkable.