[adjective, noun drip-drahy; verb drip-drahy, -drahy]
verb (used without object), drip-dried, drip-dry·ing.
  1. (of a cloth item) to dry into a desired form and shape when hung dripping wet after washing.
verb (used with object), drip-dried, drip-dry·ing.
  1. to hang (a cloth item) after washing while it is dripping wet and allow it to dry, especially in anticipation of its assuming its desired form and shape during the drying process.
noun, plural drip-dries.
  1. a garment or other cloth item that can be washed and drip-dried.

Origin of drip-dry

First recorded in 1950–55
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British Dictionary definitions for drip-dry


  1. designating clothing or a fabric that will dry relatively free of creases if hung up when wet
verb -dries, -drying or -dried
  1. to dry or become dry thus
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