[ drohg ]
/ droʊg /


a bucket or canvas bag used as a sea anchor.
  1. a funnel-shaped device attached to the end of a hose on a tanker aircraft for connecting with the probe of another aircraft to be refueled in flight.
  2. drogue parachute(def 1).

Origin of drogue

1715–25; earlier drug, common dialectal variant of drag
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British Dictionary definitions for drogue

/ (drəʊɡ) /


any funnel-like device, esp one of canvas, used as a sea anchor
  1. a small parachute released behind a jet aircraft to reduce its landing speed
  2. a small parachute released before a heavier main parachute during the landing of a spacecraft
a device towed behind an aircraft as a target for firing practice
a funnel-shaped device on the end of the refuelling hose of a tanker aircraft, to assist stability and the location of the probe of the receiving aircraft
another name for windsock

Word Origin for drogue

C18: probably based ultimately on Old English dragan to draw
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