[ droh-luh-ree ]
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noun,plural droll·er·ies.
  1. something whimsically amusing or funny.

  2. an oddly amusing story or jest.

  1. a droll quality or manner; whimsical humor.

  2. the action or behavior of a droll, waggish person; jesting.

  3. a comic picture.

  4. Archaic. a puppet show.

Origin of drollery

1590–1600; droll + -ery; compare French drôlerie

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How to use drollery in a sentence

  • No stanza of the poem is more replete than this with a vein of painfully sarcastic drollery.

  • The pen can give but a shadow of the drollery and devilry of the sweet, merry rogues that hailed the smiling morn.

  • There was a kind of drollery about Mrs. Freke, which, with some people, made the odd things she said pass for wit.

  • All of which drollery concluded with his announcement of place and date of his lecture, with still further gaiety at the end.

  • He seemed to have a naïve spirit of drollery, and he related quite amusingly an experience of his railway journey.

    Through the Wall | Cleveland Moffett

British Dictionary definitions for drollery


/ (ˈdrəʊlərɪ) /

nounplural -eries
  1. humour; comedy

  2. rare a droll act, story, or remark

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