[drom-uh s, -os; droh-muh s, -mos]

noun, plural drom·oi [drom-oi, droh-moi] /ˈdrɒm ɔɪ, ˈdroʊ mɔɪ/.

Archaeology. a passageway into an ancient subterranean tomb.
a racetrack in ancient Greece.

Origin of dromos

First recorded in 1840–50, dromos is from the Greek word drómos a running, course, place for running
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Examples from the Web for dromos

Historical Examples of dromos

  • From the propylaia, a dromos, or sacred avenue, led to the double temple.

    Pagan and Christian Rome

    Rodolfo Lanciani

  • Through the dromos they reached the first propylæum, then the second, the third, the fourth.

    The Tour

    Louis Couperus

  • The crowd descended into the town in silence, along the Dromos and along the quay.

    Ancient Manners

    Pierre Louys

  • An entrance-passage, the dromos, led from the valley to the tholos in a gently inclined ascent.

    History of Ancient Art

    Franz von Reber

  • Then she turned to the right, before the immense avenue of the Dromos where the house of Demetrios was.

    Ancient Manners

    Pierre Louys