noun, plural dron·gos.

any passerine bird of the family Dicruridae, of Africa, Asia, and Australia, the several species usually having black plumage and long, forked tails.

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Origin of drongo

Borrowed into English from Malagasy around 1835–45



noun, plural dron·gos. Australian Slang.

a stupid or slow-witted person; simpleton.

Origin of drongo

1920–25; probably to be identified with drongo1, as a name for the Australian bird Dicrurus bracteata; though often popularly alleged to have originated from the name of an unsuccessful racehorse of the 1920s

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noun plural -gos

Also called: drongo shrike any insectivorous songbird of the family Dicruridae, of the Old World tropics, having a glossy black plumage, a forked tail, and a stout bill
Australian and NZ slang a slow-witted person
Australian informal a new recruit in the Royal Australian Air Force

Word Origin for drongo

C19: from Malagasy

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