[ droun ]
/ draʊn /

verb (used without object)

to die under water or other liquid of suffocation.

verb (used with object)

Verb Phrases

drown in,
  1. to be overwhelmed by: The company is drowning in bad debts.
  2. to be covered with or enveloped in: The old movie star was drowning in mink.

Origin of drown

1250–1300; Middle English drounnen, Old English druncnian, perhaps by loss of c between nasals and shift of length from nn to ou


drown·er, nounhalf-drowned, adjectivehalf-drown·ing, adjectiveun·drowned, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for drown

/ (draʊn) /


to die or kill by immersion in liquid
(tr) to destroy or get rid of as if by submerginghe drowned his sorrows in drink
(tr) to drench thoroughly; inundate; flood
(tr sometimes foll by out) to render (a sound) inaudible by making a loud noise

Derived forms of drown

drowner, noun

Word Origin for drown

C13: probably from Old English druncnian; related to Old Norse drukna to be drowned
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