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drown out

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Overwhelm with a louder sound, as in Their cries were drowned out by the passing train . [Early 1600s]
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Example Sentences

It seems like, since we live in the sound bite era, grabby headlines like “EBOLA” and “ISIS” tend to drown out those numbers.

This is the only way to drown out the noise of the fifty stray cats that cry outside his window.

She was the one who put her hands over her ears to drown out the noise of the crowd on the Buckingham Palace balcony.

Dixon turned on the air conditioner and radio, both full blast, to drown out the thumping.

When a houseguest plays music loud enough to drown out her voice, she turns to index cards.

But mostly he cut and piled cedar as if he tried to drown out in the sweat of his body whatever fever burned within.

As business affairs are usually conducted, they are more likely to drown out home happiness than to create it.

He raised his voice to drown out the shouting uproar of the water.

It seemed as though each choir was seeking whom it might drown out with superior vocal compass and volume.

Successive waves of immigration can drown out the sharply defined character of a people.


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