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verb (used with object), drubbed, drub·bing.
  1. to beat with a stick or the like; cudgel; flog; thrash.
  2. to defeat decisively, as in a game or contest.
  3. to drive as if by flogging: Latin grammar was drubbed into their heads.
  4. to stamp (the feet).
  1. a blow with a stick or the like.

Origin of drub

1625–35; perhaps by uncertain mediation < Arabic ḍarb blow, beating
Related formsdrub·ber, nounun·drubbed, adjective
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trounce, spank, clobber, wallop, cane, hit, beat, lash, pound, defeat, strike, tan, flog, whip

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verb drubs, drubbing or drubbed (tr)
  1. to beat as with a stick; cudgel; club
  2. to defeat utterly, as in a contest
  3. to drum or stamp (the feet)
  4. to instil with force or repetitionthe master drubbed Latin into the boys
  1. a blow, as from a stick

Word Origin for drub

C17: probably from Arabic dáraba to beat
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Word Origin and History for drub

1630s (in an Oriental travel narrative), probably from Arabic darb "a beating," from daraba "he beat up" (see discussion in OED). Related: Drubbed; Drubbing.

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