1. (of a wall) made without mortar

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How to use dry-stone in a sentence

  • They found at last their resting place, a sheltered ledge of dry stone in the hollow of a hill.

    The Young Trailers | Joseph A. Altsheler
  • I had not taken twenty steps when I ran up against the dry-stone dyke that bordered the Inns of Tynrec.

    John Splendid | Neil Munro
  • It was surrounded by a dry stone wall, forming a court, the entrance to which was closed by hurdles.

    The Huguenots in France | Samuel Smiles.
  • Any good dry stone not liable to disintegrate can be used as metal for foundation for either telford or macadam construction.

    The Future of Road-making in America | Archer Butler Hulbert
  • There they erected a circular wall of dry stone, about a half quarter of a league in diameter, leaving in it only two gateways.