[ drahy-uh d, -ad ]
/ ˈdraɪ əd, -æd /

noun, plural dry·ads, dry·a·des [drahy-uh-deez] /ˈdraɪ əˌdiz/. (often initial capital letter) Classical Mythology.

a deity or nymph of the woods.
Compare hamadryad.

Origin of dryad

1545–55; extracted from Greek Dryádes, plural of Dryás, derivative of drŷ(s) tree, oak
Related formsdry·ad·ic [drahy-ad-ik] /draɪˈæd ɪk/, adjective
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/ (ˈdraɪəd, -æd) /

noun plural -ads or -ades (-əˌdiːz)

Greek myth a nymph or divinity of the woods
Derived Formsdryadic (draɪˈædɪk), adjective

Word Origin for dryad

C14: from Latin Dryas, from Greek Druas, from drus tree
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Word Origin and History for dryad



1550s, from Latin dryas, from Greek dryas (plural dryades) "wood nymph," from drus (genitive dryos) "oak," from PIE *deru- "tree, wood, oak" (see tree (n.)).

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