/ ˈdraɪlɪ /


  1. a variant spelling of drily

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Example Sentences

“They sure took the Sony thing seriously,” Attkisson said dryly.

As the official transcript dryly notes, “No questions were asked.”

I shivered a little, and dryly advised him to remember better where he had stored the precious liquid.

He hated TV for chasing fads and its vacuousness, but also because it paid him too little, notes Itzkoff dryly.

When we chatted in 2011, Rourke dryly noted that his songwriting credits with Morrissey resulted in no royalties.

"The high and mighty sent me out to lead a forlorn hope," Mac dryly responded.

Zeal, who was sitting stiffly forward, his hands gripping the arms of his chair, laughed dryly.

He crossed over to Barrington, who smiled at him dryly as he said, "It is a trifle soon to admit that I was wrong."

"I don't allow a parson's wife to preach to me about my duty, or to interfere wi' my family matters," said Rushmere, dryly.

"He is the great unconscious humorist of modern art, also a great etcher," said Isabel, dryly.





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