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[drahy-oh-pith-i-kuh s, -puh-thee-]
  1. an extinct genus of generalized hominoids that lived in Europe and Africa during the Miocene Epoch and whose members are characterized by small molars and incisors.
  2. one of the four subgenera of this genus, limited to Europe.
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Origin of Dryopithecus

< New Latin (1856) < Greek drŷ(s) tree, oak + -o- -o- + píthēkos monkey
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Historical Examples of dryopithecus

  • Dryopithecus was smaller than the chimpanzee, but much larger than the gibbon.

    The Origin of Man and of his Superstitions

    Carveth Read

  • Dryopithecus is more Man-like than any other, and seems to have been as large as a Chimpanzee.

  • Palæopithecus, Dryopithecus, Palæosimia, and Sivapithecus are extinct simians.

    Man, Past and Present

    Agustus Henry Keane