[ dweyn, doo-eyn ]


  1. a male given name.

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Example Sentences

That could take years, Duane says—a timeline that would likely result in some clinics closing up shop entirely.

From Time

Duane himself competed in the Olympics 17 years ago in Athens.

From Ozy

When the Morsell brothers were young, their father, Duane, built a basketball hoop on the wall in their playroom.

Duane laughs as he remembers those days, how the brothers put holes in the wall.

Duane sat between his two boys, Darryl and Terrell, trying to teach them the game.

Duane and Dicky lope backstage afterwards to “do some sniff,” as Dicky terms it.

Duane grabs a towel and mops his streaming face while Dicky spoons out the coke.

An hour later, one of the stewardesses remonstrates repeatedly with Duane to return his seat to the upright position for landing.

Dicky Betts, alternate lead guitar to Duane, whiles away the flight swapping comic books with the bassist, Berry Oakley.

He finished it and filed it and it was set and ready to go when Duane Allman died.

There, too, was James Duane, with never so great need of his "surveying eye" to enable him to size up the situation.

Only the Secretary of the Treasury could remove the deposits, and this Mr. Duane unexpectedly but persistently refused to do.

The chief engineer, Major Duane, will furnish you a canvas pontoon-train of eight boats.

In about fifteen minutes Bill Duane walked right past us, back to the other fellows.

One of the gang put his arm under the general's chin and held him tight, and Bill Duane went through him.





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