[ dŭbē ]
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A pointer star in the constellation Ursa Major and the brightest of the seven stars that form the Big Dipper, with apparent magnitude 1.8. Dubhe and Merak form the outer side of the Dipper's bowl, with Dubhe being the upper of the two stars. A straight line extending northward from these pointer stars leads to the North Star, Polaris.



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  • I paused not at Dubhe, but sped onward to one of the busy worlds that revolve around it, which I shall call Plasden.

    Life in a Thousand Worlds|William Shuler Harris
  • As I came near to Dubhe, I scanned the surrounding skies and was surprised to find that the whole semblance of my dipper was lost.

    Life in a Thousand Worlds|William Shuler Harris
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