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[ duhdz ]

plural noun

, Informal.
  1. clothes, especially a suit of clothes.
  2. belongings in general.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of duds1

1275–1325; Middle English dudde; perhaps akin to Low German dudel coarse sackcloth

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Example Sentences

But the jokes flow at such a torrential pace that duds are soon forgotten; the best are even Spamalot-worthy.

There are many others getting their footing, like Androgyny and Original Tomboy, all manly duds for anyone.

She continued, “Then get dressed in your favorite duds and practice, practice, practice in the mirror.”

There were a number of high-profile men in her life who turned out to be duds.

Rumor has it that the royal baby already has received tons of designer duds.

Get planted till dark, then hold up th' first bloke you see an' take 'is duds.

But I must go back first to get some o' my bits o' duds, and to tell father.

“How about getting some decent clothes,” ventured Donald, looking ruefully at his rough sea-duds.

Some of these shells were proper duds, and they made us laugh.

I'll go in and change my duds, and then I guess we're ready.


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