[ duhl-si-tawl, -tol ]

  1. a water-soluble sugar alcohol, C6H14O6, isomeric with sorbitol, that is found in many plant species and is prepared in the laboratory by galactose reduction.

Origin of dulcitol

1880–85; dulcite an earlier name (<Latin dulc(is) sweet + -ite1) + -ol1
  • Also called ga·lac·ti·tol [guh-lak-ti-tawl, ‐tol], /gəˈlæk tɪˌtɔl, ‐ˌtɒl/, dul·cite [duhl-sahyt], /ˈdʌl saɪt/, dul·cose [duhl-kohs]. /ˈdʌl koʊs/.

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