[ dy-mah or, English, doo-mah, dyoo- for 1, 2; doo-muh s, dyoo- for 3 ]
/ düˈmɑ or, English, duˈmɑ, dyu- for 1, 2; ˈdu məs, ˈdyu- for 3 /


A·le·xan·dre [a-lek-sahn-druh] /a lɛkˈsɑ̃ drə/, Dumas père, 1802–70, and his son, Alexandre (“Dumas fils”), 1824–95, French dramatists and novelists.
Jean-Bap·tiste An·dré [zhahn-ba-teest ahn-drey] /ʒɑ̃ baˈtist ɑ̃ˈdreɪ/, 1800–84, French chemist.
a town in N Texas.

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[ doo-muh ]
/ ˈdu mə /


(in Russia prior to 1917) a council or official assembly.
(initial capital letter) an elective legislative assembly, established in 1905 by Nicholas II, constituting the lower house of parliament.
Also douma.

Origin of duma

1865–70; < Russian, Old Russian dúma assembly, council (an early homonym with dúma thought); cognate with Bulgarian dúma word, Slovak duma meditation; Slavic *dum- probably < Gothic dōms judgment (see doom)
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/ (French dymɑ) /


Alexandre (alɛksɑ̃drə), known as Dumas père. 1802–70, French novelist and dramatist, noted for his historical romances The Count of Monte Cristo (1844) and The Three Musketeers (1844)
his son, Alexandre, known as Dumas fils. 1824–95, French novelist and dramatist, noted esp for the play he adapted from an earlier novel, La Dame aux camélias (1852)
Jean-Baptiste André (ʒɑ̃batist ɑ̃dre). 1800–84, French chemist, noted for his research on vapour density and atomic weight
Marlene. born 1953, South African painter; especially of expressionist portraits and nudes

British Dictionary definitions for dumas (2 of 2)



/ Russian (ˈduːmə) /

noun Russian history

(usually capital) the elective legislative assembly established by Tsar Nicholas II in 1905: overthrown by the Bolsheviks in 1917
(before 1917) any official assembly or council
short for State Duma, the lower chamber of the Russian parliament

Word Origin for duma

C20: from duma thought, of Germanic origin; related to Gothic dōms judgment
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