a gymnastic apparatus consisting of two wooden or metal balls connected by a short bar serving as a handle, used as a weight for exercising.
a stupid person.

Origin of dumbbell

First recorded in 1705–15; dumb + bell1

Synonyms for dumbbell

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dummy, dunce, dullard, idiot, moron, ignoramus, simpleton, dolt, dodo, dumdum, dumbo

Examples from the Web for dumbbell

Historical Examples of dumbbell

  • It's nice to feel she isn't being wasted on some dumbbell, isn't it?

  • I was taken aboard one of their dumbbell ships, and brought here.

    The Secret of the Ninth Planet

    Donald Allen Wollheim

  • But a woman is at once given away: she look like a dumbbell run over by an express train.

    In Defense of Women

    H. L. Mencken

  • The next day he calmly chose the seat in front of the dumbbell—and proceeded to write a perfect examination.

    The Plastic Age

    Percy Marks

  • It was something like a dumbbell, covered with marine growth where it had been above the sand, but fairly smooth under it.

    The Wailing Octopus

    Harold Leland Goodwin

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gymnastics weightlifting an exercising weight consisting of a single bar with a heavy ball or disc at either end
a small wooden object shaped like this used in dog training for the dog to retrieve
slang, mainly US and Canadian a fool
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Word Origin and History for dumbbell

"weighted bar used for exercise," 1711, originally an apparatus like that used to ring a church bell, but without the bell (hence dumb); used for exercise but sometimes also to practice ringing changes. Figurative sense of "blockhead, stupid person" attested by 1918, American English college slang.

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