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  1. The sale of goods of one nation in the markets of a second nation at less than the price charged within the first nation. Dumping can eliminate competitors by undercutting their prices.

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Example Sentences

More so than any American activist that was dumping out bottles of Latvian vodka thinking it was Russian in the summer of 2013.

The White House may have contemplated dumping Joe Biden from the ticket.

Then something funny happened: people began donating and dumping water on themselves.

As a consequence, the white-collar gays of D.C. have turned Secret into a dumping ground for personalized gossip.

Big companies are flirting with dumping high-cost employees off their private health plans onto Obamacare—legally.

Reaching the dumping ground, standing between the handles of the wheel-barrow, Alfred attempted to overturn it.

We have a continuous air supply to the cans during freezing as well as during thawing, dumping and filling.

Even as she talked she swiveled the drum around, kicked the easy-off plug, and began dumping the gelid contents into the hole.

America long remained a dumping-ground for nearly all the nations of the world having an excess of population.

He began by dumping out into a worthless and landlocked bass-pond every brown trout in the hatchery.


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