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[ duhm-ping-ground ]

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Word History and Origins

Origin of dumping-ground1

An Americanism dating back to 1855–60

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Example Sentences

As a consequence, the white-collar gays of D.C. have turned Secret into a dumping ground for personalized gossip.

That 2009 film came out in January, a time generally thought to be the dumping ground, to gross $183 million.

Tom DeLay was just convicted, joining a long list of famous faces that made news during a quiet dumping ground.

Reaching the dumping ground, standing between the handles of the wheel-barrow, Alfred attempted to overturn it.

America long remained a dumping-ground for nearly all the nations of the world having an excess of population.

But no Colonist looks forward to his country remaining for ever the dumping ground for British manufactures.

As to the foreigners, Europe has used us for a dumping ground for considerable moral and political refuse.

Its stones were carted away, and the churchyard, overgrown with weeds, became the dumping-ground for rubbish.


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