[ duh-noh ]

  1. don't know: Who did it? I dunno!

Origin of dunno

First recorded in 1835–45; a phonetic spelling representing the pronunciation of don't know in continuous rapid speech

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How to use dunno in a sentence

  • Republicans should, I dunno, get behind a law that supports that, doncha think?

  • When I asked him, he just smiled, said, "I dunno Marty, I just knew."

    My Friend Justin Feldman | Martin London | September 28, 2011 | THE DAILY BEAST
  • I dunno's I'd know when t' jar loose m'self, if I knowed her an' she didn't object t' me hangin' around.

    Raw Gold | Bertrand W. Sinclair
  • "I dunno but you're right," observed Redmond after a pause, during which he keenly scrutinized the young agent's face.

    Mystery Ranch | Arthur Chapman
  • "I dunno but I'd ruther have the wuth on 't," said Mrs. John C., as she had said many times before.

    Country Neighbors | Alice Brown
  • Well, I dunno what it's called, but if that other one gets the better o' me, mebbe that's what I shall do.

    Country Neighbors | Alice Brown
  • Oh, he had a bunch of that scientific stuff in his head all the time; dunno whether he understood it all himself.

    Vanishing Point | C.C. Beck

British Dictionary definitions for dunno


/ (dʌˈnəʊ, dʊ-, də-) slang /

contraction of
  1. (I) do not know

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