[ doo-uh-des-uh-moh, dyoo- ]
/ ˌdu əˈdɛs əˌmoʊ, ˌdyu- /

noun, plural du·o·dec·i·mos.

Also called twelvemo. a book size of about 5 × 7½ inches (13 × 19 cm), determined by printing on sheets folded to form 12 leaves or 24 pages. Symbol: 12 mo, 12°
a book of this size.


in duodecimo; twelvemo.

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Origin of duodecimo

1650–60; short for Latin in duodecimō in twelfth

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/ (ˌdjuːəʊˈdɛsɪˌməʊ) /

noun plural -mos

Also called: twelvemo a book size resulting from folding a sheet of paper into twelve leavesOften written: 12mo, 12°
a book of this size

Word Origin for duodecimo

C17: from Latin phrase in duodecimō in twelfth, from duodecim twelve

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Word Origin and History for duodecimo


1650s, from Latin in duodecimo (folded) "in a twelfth" of a sheet, from ablative of duodecimus "twelfth," from duodecim (see dozen). Often abbreviated 12mo.; a book in which each page is the twelfth part of the printer's sheet.

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