[ doo-pli-kuh-choo r, -kuh-cher, -key-cher, dyoo- ]
/ ˈdu plɪ kəˌtʃʊər, -kə tʃər, -ˌkeɪ tʃər, ˈdyu- /


a folding or doubling of a part on itself, as a membrane.

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Origin of duplicature

From the New Latin word duplicātūra, dating back to 1680–90. See duplicate, -ure

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Examples from the Web for duplicature

  • Fetuses deficient at their extremities, or have a duplicature of parts.

    Zoonomia, Vol. I|Erasmus Darwin
  • A duplicature of the peritoneum covering the small intestine, which occupies the middle or center of the abdominal cavity.

    A Practical Physiology|Albert F. Blaisdell