[ doo-ran; Spanish doo-rahn ]


  1. Ro·ber·to [r, uh, -, bair, -toh, raw-, ber, -taw], born 1951, Panamanian boxer.


/ djʊˈræn /


  1. DuránRoberto1951MPanamanianSPORT AND GAMES: boxer Roberto. born 1951, Panamanian boxer: held world titles at four different weights, most notably lightweight (1972–79)

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Example Sentences

Duran is best known for executing a hardflip down stairs, a difficult move she’s excited to show off in Tokyo.

Raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Duran got her first board when she was ten years old.

You’ll find classic dishes—like chile rellenos and stuffed sopapillas—at local favorites such as El Pinto, Duran’s, Sadie’s, Papa Felipe’s, Monroe’s, or Church Street Café.

Duran said Greene-Parker had earlier lost a day-care job because of the pandemic.

Your Duran Duran concert film is coming out in theaters in September—your first concert film.

Duran believe that patience and tenacity helped things progress this far and they will be required in order for continued success.

Smelters focusing on recycled materials are prevalent in Japan and Europe, according to Duran.

“It feels like we are so far away from the issues on the ground [where smelters operator], but we are not,” said Duran.

After turning down Playboy, the acting heiress poses for her first cover shoot, which was captured by photographer Tony Duran.

Before giving the history of Charles Duran's birth, life, and early death, I will partially describe his father's residence.

Samuel cried at the loss of his pretty kite, and Charles Duran was mean enough to mimic the boy whom he had thus injured.

A poor widow lady lived some distance beyond Mr. Duran's house.

Charles Duran, who was out of his element when he was not in mischief, seemed to take delight in tormenting these little children.

It was in this pleasant place, which I have briefly described, that Charles Duran was born.