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[doo r, dyoo r]
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adjective Archaic.
  1. hard; severe.
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Origin of dure1

1325–75; Middle English < Middle French < Latin dūrus hard


[doo r, dyoo r]
verb (used with or without object), dured, dur·ing. Archaic.
  1. endure.
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Origin of dure2

1225–75; Middle English < Old French durer < Latin dūrāre to last; see dure1
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Examples from the Web for dure

Historical Examples

  • And Biddy acknowledged that he "sildom dairkened her dure these days."

    The Spirit of Sweetwater

    Hamlin Garland

  • Put them pups in their basket and come out and shut the dure.

    Explorers of the Dawn

    Mazo de la Roche

  • I think I'll go stay with Fan if ye'll lay out the course that leads to her dure.

    Money Magic

    Hamlin Garland

  • Sheedy's afther me ivery day at the dure there, waitin' till I'm free again.

    Fairfax and His Pride

    Marie Van Vorst

  • Ye'er demands are refused an' ye can bang th' dure afther ye.'

    Mr. Dooley Says

    Finley Dunne