[ doo-res, dyoo-, door-is, dyoor- ]
/ dʊˈrɛs, dyʊ-, ˈdʊər ɪs, ˈdyʊər- /


compulsion by threat or force; coercion; constraint.
Law. such constraint or coercion as will render void a contract or other legal act entered or performed under its influence.
forcible restraint, especially imprisonment.

Origin of duress

1275–1325; Middle English duresse < Middle French duresse, -esce, -ece < Latin dūritia hardness, harshness, oppression, equivalent to dūr(us) hard + -itia -ice


1 intimidation, pressure, bullying, browbeating.
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British Dictionary definitions for duress

/ (djʊˈrɛs, djʊə-) /


compulsion by use of force or threat; constraint; coercion (often in the phrase under duress)
law the illegal exercise of coercion
confinement; imprisonment

Word Origin for duress

C14: from Old French duresse, from Latin dūritia hardness, from dūrus hard
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