or du·ri·on

[ doo r-ee-uh n, -ahn ]
/ ˈdʊər i ən, -ˌɑn /


the edible fruit of a tree, Durio zibethinus, of the bombax family, of southeastern Asia, having a hard, prickly rind, a highly flavored, pulpy flesh, and an unpleasant odor.
the tree itself.

Origin of durian

1580–90; < Malay: a fruit with spiky skin, equivalent to duri thorn + -an nominalizer suffix
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/ (ˈdjʊərɪən) /


a SE Asian bombacaceous tree, Durio zibethinus, having very large oval fruits with a hard spiny rind containing seeds surrounded by edible evil-smelling aril
the fruit of this tree, which has an offensive smell but a pleasant taste: supposedly an aphrodisiac

Word Origin for durian

C16: from Malay, from duri thorn
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