dust coat

  1. British a loose lightweight coat worn for early open motor-car riding: US name: duster

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How to use dust coat in a sentence

  • He wore a dust-coat, a cap, and goggles which seemed to be too large for him.

    The Girl and The Bill | Bannister Merwin
  • There were two passengers—one a big man in cap and dust-coat, and the other a businesslike driver in leather fixings and goggles.

    Motor Matt's Mystery | Stanley R. Matthews
  • Hunt's wild hair had been smartly barbered, he had on a swagger dust-coat, and beneath it flannels of the smartest cut.

  • The car was at the door, and Mordon, looking unusually spruce in his white dust coat, stood by the open door.

    The Angel of Terror | Edgar Wallace
  • The ill-fitting dust-coat masked the outline of the figure; the cap was so low on the head that the ears were covered.

    The Girl and The Bill | Bannister Merwin