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or dust bin

[ duhst-bin ]


, Chiefly British.
  1. an ashcan; garbage can.


/ ˈdʌstˌbɪn /


  1. a large, usually cylindrical container for rubbish, esp one used by a household US and Canadian namesgarbage cantrash can
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Word History and Origins

Origin of dustbin1

First recorded in 1840–50; dust + bin
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Example Sentences

I’ve been thinking about him a lot over the past few months as Congress inexplicably argues over such big issues as the Voting Rights Act of 1965 — leaving the Equality Act lying fallow near the dustbin of history.

A HEPA filter and special anti-allergen seal on the dustbin prevent pet dander from re-entering the home.

When choosing the best stick vacuum, consider dustbin size, suction power, and head design.

The best stick vacuums typically have a good blend of features, including suction control, dustbin design, and battery life.

It also offers two ways to empty the dustbin and includes a washable filter to save filter costs over the life of the vacuum.

Marrero himself was hardly a “cup of coffee” relic or a minor character belatedly retrieved from the dustbin of baseball history.

Drop your clash of civilizations references into the dustbin of history.

Usually if a book was controversial or never published, we think it worthy of rescuing from the literary dustbin.

And, magically, the point of no return disappeared into the dustbin of history—at least for a few months.

But the Finnish company struck a deal this month that will doom it to the dustbin of history.

But to me the divinities of antiquity are not mere dolls to be patted superciliously on the head and then remitted to the dustbin.

They were as miscellaneous as if some one had taken the lid off a human dustbin.

That tidiness of yours is a mania; that way of looking upon the world as a dustbin is a disease.

He threw the cruet in the dustbin—where I found it, along with other silver—for the sake of a burglary blind.

A form sprawled against a dustbin and muffled by its arm and hat snores, groans, grinding growling teeth, and snores again.


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