[ dvawr-zhahk, -zhak; Czech dvaw-rzhahk ]
/ ˈdvɔr ʒɑk, -ʒæk; Czech ˈdvɔ rʒɑk /


An·to·nín [ahn-taw-nyeen] /ˈɑn tɔ nyin/, 1841–1904, Czech composer.

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Dvorak keyboard
[ dvawr-ak kee-bawrd ]
/ ˈdvɔr æk ˈkiˌbɔrd /


a keyboard designed to facilitate typing speed by having the most frequently used characters on the home row, with all the vowels on the left side.
Compare QWERTY.

Origin of Dvorak keyboard

1930–35; named after its inventor, August Dvorak, U.S. educational psychologist and professor of education (1894–1975)
Also called Dvo·rak.
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/ (ˈdvɔːʒæk, Czech ˈdvɔrʒaːk) /


Antonín (ˈantɔnjiːn), known as Anton Dvořák. 1841–1904, Czech composer, much of whose work reflects the influence of folk music. His best-known work is the Symphony No. 9 From the New World (1893)
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