med abnormal, slow, or difficult childbirth, usually because of disordered or ineffective contractions of the uterus

Derived Formsdystocial, adjective

Word Origin for dystocia

New Latin, from Greek, from dus- (see dys-) + tokos childbirth + -ia
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Historical Examples of dystocia

  • We, therefore, refer to the fourth species of dystocia, viz.

  • On the part of the mother this division of dystocia may arise from a faulty condition.

  • This subject, however, belongs rather to the third species of dystocia, to which we must therefore refer.

  • We propose to consider the different species of dystocia in the order above enumerated.

  • As this subject, however, belongs rather to the next species of dystocia, viz.

dystocia in Medicine


[dĭs-tōsē-ə, -shē-ə, -shə]


A slow or difficult labor or delivery.
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