E hoa

/ (ɛ ˈhɒːə) /
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friend; pal

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Word Origin for E hoa

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What does E hoa mean?

The Maori term E hoa means friend. It can also be used as a greeting, like hello.

Maori is a Polynesian language of the indigenous people of New Zealand. The people are also called Maori. The term E hoa is used in English, but mainly by people who also speak Maori. It is often seen uncapitalized (as e hoa).

Example: Congrats on the promotion, E hoa!

Where does E hoa come from?

In Maori, hoa can mean “friend,” “companion,” “partner,” “spouse,” or “ally.” The e part is used in Maori before terms of address, like people’s names or titles.

When using E hoa in English to mean “friend,” people often use it as a form of address (as in good to see you, E hoa) or as a regular noun (as in my E hoa called today). The term E hoa is also sometimes used in the phrase E hoa mā e, which can express many things: disbelief, amazement, support, disapproval, or surprise, kind of like oh my goodness or oh dear. (In this phrase, hoa can be replaced with a variety of other terms of address, and mā and the second e are optional, depending on the situation.)

E hoa is one of many Maori terms that Maori people may incorporate when speaking English to each other. Doing so is often seen as a way of marking one’s Maori identity and perhaps also of preserving Maori culture. By the 1970s, English had nearly completely eclipsed Maori in New Zealand, but there have been efforts since then to revitalize the language.

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What are some synonyms for E hoa?

What are some words that often get used in discussing E hoa?


How is E hoa used in real life?

When it is used in English, E hoa is typically used by Maori people addressing other Maori people.



Try using E hoa!

In which of the following situations would it be appropriate to use E hoa?

A. greeting a friend
B. cursing an enemy
C. saying sorry

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